Wildboars and foxes

In February I had several opportunities to take down foxes but I was not lucky all times and two times I failed completely but on the other hand I managed to get two down. 


The beaver hunt was great from a social point of view and if I had sighted correct one beaver would of been bagged but it came to close on 5m so I shoot underneath it. The water level was very low in the rivers so the beaver was out in the large lakes instead.


A two days buck hunt on Bornholm was great. Unfortunately I only got one small buck at my stand and I decided to let him pass. My target was six pointers.. Maybe next year the same buck will pass by.


The wild boars are increasing and we have too many of them so it’s important to hunt as often as possible.


This Thursday I was out scouting the area on "the mountain" I sat in the stand for only 10 minutes when I heard a familiar sound and after a while a noticed the boar on 30m. He walked around the food plot for quite some time before he came out on the grass. It was just before the dark took over so I didn’t need to use my Pulsar night scope. The Swarovski + the Sako 308 made the work and a Keiler weighting in on 135kg went to the ground. 


Two fly fishing trips to the fly stream in Blekinge in March resulted in 16 fillets in the freezer. 








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