December and January activities

My interest for keeping the blog floating and up to date are going like a roller-coaster. Anyhow I will only post some pictures of successful hunts this time together with one story.


Today was the last day of driven hunt with loose dogs and we heard the dogs barking and pursue animals but no shoots were fired. Now there will be more time for stalking fallows and keeping after the boars.




The picture above is worth a comment. I have been on paternity leave a few months now and my little girl is 14 months old. She often takes a dinner nap of two hours and this day in January the sun shined so I planned the hunt very accurately. She feel a sleep when arriving to the hunting area and I walked with the wagon 500m and started the baby watch and took a stand 200m from her so I could observe her and the surroundings. After 1 hour a hind and a calf came walking in the bushes and after 10 minutes the calf came into a opening and I whistled so the calf stopped. My 308 Sako-85 black syntetic made the job and the calf took a few stacking steps and fell to the ground. Then the work began dragging the calf back but everything fell well out and when the calf hanged cleaned up in the stable my daughter woke up unaware of what just happened. A memory to be told in the future…..







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